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My name is Tatjana, and I am a wife, sister, daughter, mother to a beautiful 14 month old boy, counsellor/ psychotherapist, laundry-hater, pastry lover and many, many more things. 

I have created I am Mama Bear because of a gap in our society, which no one seems to talk about and that is : what happens after you take your baby home. Birthing classes are common, we all seem to have gotten "what to pack in our hospital bag" memo, we spend months thinking, preparing for the birth, but no one tells you or prepares you for the emotional rollercoaster, intense physical and mental exhaustion, broken sleep, and well, how to actually take care of the baby when you arrive home.


Those first few days can be overwhelming, but so can months ahead.  Baby's first year of life is intense, rapidly changing and they need us around the clock. This can be emotionally, mentally and physically exhausting, especially in our modern way of life, where the village we used to rely on for help, is either very small or non-existent.  As a result, we are often left confused and try to piece together the information we find on google, which is often contradictory and overwhelming in itself. This only adds to the confusion and frustration, as we are desperately tying to understand our baby's cues and their needs as months fly by.

What's more, when we struggle with the biggest responsibility of all: raising new, helpless little humans, we often feel shame or guilt for not coping  at times, and I am here to support you on this journey and help you recognise what is normal and common and perhaps provide extra support if things are truly overwhelming.  

I am Mama Bear aims to reconnect with the innate confidence and knowledge that is in all of us, and empower you to bring your inner Mama Bear that we all are. 

I hold a Master's degree in Counselling from Monash University. 

ACA Reg. Prov. (17173), PACFA Reg. Prov. (12345) member. 

Mother and Baby


Postpartum Doula

Postpartum is an intense, often overwhelming period for new parents, especially mothers. I offer support with various, individualised needs, from light housing chores, to help with understanding your baby's cues & freeing some time for the much needed rest. 


I provide counselling online and over the phone at the moment. My approach to counselling is based on different therapies, depending on each individual situation, as I believe there is no one approach-fits all as we are all unique individuals with different needs.

Discovery 20 min Call

Book a free 20 min call to explore how I work & to answer any questions  you may have.